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Bay Area Council

3020 53rd Street

Galveston, TX  77551



Kim Barker

Course Director / Scoutmaster


Bay Area Council VP of Administration



Kim has been a instrumental force in Bay Area Council for 10 years.  Since becoming a Den Leader for her son in 1997, she has served as the local units as Cubmaster (1999-2002), Pack Committee (2002-2004), and Troop Committee Secretary (2002-present). 


At the District level she has been a Roundtable Commissioner (199902003), Twilight Camp Program Director(1999,2000,2001,2003), District Training Team (1999-2003), District Commissioner (2003), and Unit Commissioner (2003-present). 


At the Council level, she has served as Council Commissioner (2004-2007), Wood Badge Staff (2001, 2003, 2005), Pow Wow Key Staff (1999-2002), University of Scouting Staff (2000-2005), Council Training Chair (2000-2002), Executive Board (2000-present), Silver Beaver Committee Chair (2005) and is currently the Vice President of Administration.


She has also served at the Regional level as SR Area 2 Race to Scouting Chair (2005, 2006, 2007) and attended SR-CS-13 as a participant.


But that is not all, she has also been a guiding force at the National Level for 8 years.  She was a Themes Task Force Member (1999-2004) and the Themes Task Force Chair in 2005, 2006 and 2007.  She has also been on the National Cub Scout Committee for the past three years, a member of the Philmont Staff Association since 2003, a member of Philmont Training Center Faculty in 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006 and 2007.  At the 2005 Jamboree, she served as the Asst. Chief of the PAD.


Kim has been honored as a James E West Fellow, Silver Beaver, District Family of the Year, and the District Award of Merit. 

Jeff Seely

Senior Patrol Leader (SPL)


Northern Star District, Friendswood


Asst OA Lodge Advisor

Troop 431 - Committee Chair


Danny Carson

ASM - Program


Coastal District, Galveston


Doug Burdett

Scribe, Instructor


Coastal District, League City


Troop 615 - Scoutmaster


dburdett @ boy-scouts.net

Doug was a Cub Scout as a youth and achieved the Arrow of Light.  There was not an active troop in the area so was the end of scouts for him until his son was a Tiger.  Doug has been involved with scouts for over 6 years as a Tiger, Wolf, Bear, and Webelos Leader as well as a Cubmaster for Pack 615.  All through his time in Cub Scouts, he served as Rangemaster for Twilight Camp and Cub-O-Rees.  He organized the first Scouter Success Seminar for BAC.  He has also served as a Unit Commissioner before becoming Scoutmaster for Troop 615.  Doug attended Wood Badge SR-626 in the beaver patrol and served as an instructor for SR-795.  He has attended courses at the Philmont Training Center twice.He has been honored with Coastal District Cubmaster of the Year and the District Award of Merit. 

Andy Tirpak

Assistant Scribe, Instructor


Coastal District, Galveston


District Training Co-Chair

Pack 120 - Webelos Leader

Andy has been been active in Cub Scouts as a Co-Tiger Den Leader, Den Leader for Wolf and Bear, Webelos Den Leader and Assistant Cubmaster for Pack 120 in Galveston.  He has been an active member of the BAC training team for two years.  He has served on BAC Summer Camp staff for one year.  In 2007, he was named Dear Den Leader of the Year for the Coastal District.  He was a member of the Fox patrol in SR-795.

Jimmy Geesing



Coastal District, Santa Fe


Troop 628 - Scoutmaster


David Barker

Facilities Assistant, Instructor


Coastal District, League City


Troop 609 - Scoutmaster

I was a Cub Scout as a youth, earning the Wolf, Bear, and Lion Badge.   My family moved, when I was 11 years old, and I did not continue with Scouting in our new community.
I became involved in Scouting, again, when my oldest son, joined Pack 609 in League City, as a Tiger Scout.   I was his Bear Leader, Webelos Leader, and was the Achievements Leader, for the Pack for five years.  My youngest son, also joined Pack 609 as a Tiger Scout.
Both sons crossed over to Troop 609.  I was an Assistant Scoutmaster for three years, and have been the Scoutmaster for the last three years.
I have led a Troop Northern Tier expedition, and have participated in three Philmont Council Contingencies -- leading the Contingency in 2004 and 2007.   I have staffed Pow Wows, University of Scouting, Scouters Success Seminar, the BSA 2005 Jamboree in Virginia, am a member of the Coastal District's Training Team, and was an Assistant Scoutmaster for the Council's Youth Leadership Training at Camp K in 2005.  
I attended college at Angelo State University and earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree.   I have worked for Amoco/BP for 28 years.
I am married to Kim Barker (20 year anniversary during the Woodbadge), and as noted above, have two sons, aged 18 and 16 -- both Eagle Scouts.
I have been awarded the District Award of Merit and was a member of the Owl Patrol from Wood Badge Course SR-795.

Dewayne Woodruff



Cradle of Texas, Lake Jackson


Moe Kluksdahl

Assistant Quartermaster


Coastal District, Dickinson


Troop 696 - ASM

Moe is an electrical engineer, and has worked at the Johnson Space Center for NASA the past 18 years.  An émigré from South Dakota (where he was born and grew up), he and his wife moved to Dickinson, TX, in 1989, where they currently live with their three children:  a Star Scout; Benjamin, a Webelos 2, and a future Venturer we hope!.  Like many Scouters, Moe got into Scouting when his oldest son volunteered him to be a Tiger Den Leader.  Since then, he’s been a Den Leader, a Webelos Den Leader, an Assistant Cubmaster and is currently Cubmaster of Pack 696.  He also does double duty as Committee Chair of Troop 696.  Moe has staffed at several Twilight Camps, Webelos Camps, and a Summer Camp at Camp K.  He served 3 years as District Commissioner for Coastal District, and currently serves on the District Committee.  He attended Wood Badge class SR626 in the Owl patrol, and was beaded in May of 2005.

Karen Hook

Chaplain, Instructor


District Training Chair

Crew 350 - Crew Committee

She has served Pack 394 as Den Leader, Advancement Chairman, Webelos Den Leader, and Den Leader Coach. She has been a Committee member for Troops 394 and 325, and Merit Badge Councilor in Troops 394,  325 and 328.  She has been the  Long Term Camping Coordinator for Troop 325 and has been acting Scoutmaster for Summer Camp.  Karen is an Owl of Woodbadge 495 and had the privilege of serving on staff of Woodbadge 626 as the Fox Patrol Troop Guide.  Karen is active at the District and Council level as a BSA Trainer, YPT Trainer, Cub Scout Training Coordinator, District Training Chair, Webelo program Coordinator for Day Camp, and serving on PowWow Staff as Book coordinator, Program chair and Director. In addition she has also served on BAC Summer and Winter Camp staff for several years at Camp Karankawa.  Karen has been honored with the District Award of Merit, Distinguished Scouter award, Scouter’s Key and as member of the Order of the Arrow.  She and her family have been honored as Cradle of Texas Family of the Year.

Lisa "Boots" Stegman

ASM - Troop Guides


Coastal District, League City


Bay Area Council Training Chair

Pack 554 - Webelos Leader

A third generation Scouter, Boots traded in the Green Girl Scout Uniform for the Tan, in order to continue family tradition with the fourth generation of Scouters.


Central Florida Council, obtained a volunteer as a multi position leader, served as Den Leaders, Committee Chair, Pack Trainer, Crew Asst. Advisor, District Cub Scout Co-chair Training Chairman and Council Training Staff. Also serving District and Council as Program Director of Day Camps, Cub-o-Rees, University of Scouting, & Wood Badge.  Not to mention earning the nickname “Boots”, after wearing a pair of pink boots for a joke one-day.


Bay Area Council found them selves with one diverse transfer leader that kept a Scout promise to carry on the nickname and pink boots. Serving in multi-position roles continued. Den Leaders, Pack Trainer, Committee Member, Crew Advisor, Coastal District Training Chair, Program and Camp Director for Day Camps, District and Council event staff. Currently, the Council Training Chairman with a twist, as a Council employee!  She has served as Staff on 5 Wood Badge Courses.  Last year, Boots was awarded the District Award of Merit.

Roger Boyer

Troop Guide


Coastal District, League City


District Commissioner

Troop 600 - ASM

Roger is currently an Assistant Scoutmaster for Troop 609, the Coastal District Commissioner, and Pack 76’s Committee Chair and Charter Organization Representative.  He has previously served as Assistant Scoutmaster for Troop 1133, District Commissioner, Unit Commissioner, and Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner in the Eagle Trail District of the Sam Houston Area Council (SHAC).  He has also served as Pack 609’s Cubmaster, Assistant Cubmaster, and Webelos Den Leader.  For Coastal District, he has served as the Twilight Camp Director for four years, worked on staff for two additional Twilight Camps and served as a merit badge counselor for Fall Camp. 


SHAC honored him with the District Award of Merit in 2001, the Commissioner Arrowhead Award in 2002, the Commissioner Key Award in 2003, and the Distinguished Commissioner Award in 2005.  He attended BAC’s first 21st Century Wood Badge Course (SR-495) in 2003. 


As a youth, Roger Boyer become an Eagle Scout in 1973 and earned the Silver Palm, while serving various leadership positions in the troop including Senior Patrol Leader.  He earned the Lutheran God and Country Award (Pro Deo et Patria) in 1972.  He was elected into the Order of the Arrow in 1970, became Brotherhood in 1971, and served several Chapter level positions, including Chapter Chief in 1974.  In 1974, he completed a trek at the Philmont Scout Ranch and was elected Boy Scout of the Year for the State of Missouri by the American Legion.  In 1975, he organized a new Explorer Post (Post 256) that emphasized camping and canoeing and served as the Post President for its first two years.  In parallel, he served as the first Junior Assistant Scoutmaster for Troop 161 until age 18.  He put his scouting on hold while attending college at the University of Missouri at Rolla and for a few years there after.

Tom Franko

Troop Guide


Coastal District, Santa Fe


District Training Chair

Pack 203 - Webelos Leader

Tom has been a Tiger Den Leader, Assistant Cubmaster, Cubmaster, Den Leader, Webelos Leader and Pack Trainer.  He has been the Webelos Asst. Program Director (1 year) and Director (2 years) for Twilight Camp.  He attended the prior BAC Wood Badge course (SR-795) and was a member of the Bobwhite Patrol.  At the district level, Tom is serving as the Coastal District Training Chair.

Dona Hokanson

Troop Guide


Northern Star, Friendswood


District Training Chair

Ship 468: SEAL Instructor

Dona has been a Tiger Cub Mom, a Webelos Leader, and an Assistant Scoutmaster for Troop 442.  She has served as the Advancement Chair for Challenger District, Quartermaster for JLTC, Archery Instructor at Summer Camp at Karankawa,  Camp Director for Summer Camp at Karankawa, Assistant Advisor for Venture Crew,  442 Wood Badge Staff - Instructor and Assistant Scoutmaster for Training,  Training Chair for Bay Area Council Training, Chair for Northern Star District, Mate for Ship 468, and SEAL (Sea Scout Advanced Leadership Training) Instructor

Clyde Holt

Troop Guide


Northern Star, League City


Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner

Troop 435 - Committee Chair


Jeane Weller

Troop Guide


Cradle of Texas, Lake Jackson


Bay Area Council VP of Membership

Jeane has been active in all levels of Scouting from being a Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos Leader for two sons, Cubmaster for Pack 324 and Committee Member for Troop 324.  She has served as Program Director for 2 years at Cub Scout Day Camp, staff at numerous Pow Wows, instructor at National Day Camp School, instructor at Train the Trainer seminars and served on the COT district training team.  She has been the Asst Director and the Chancellor of the University of Scouting.  She attended Cub Scout Wood Badge SRCS 10 in Salem, Miss., and staffed at the Cub Scout Wood Badge SRCS 14 in Gastonia NC.  She has been on staff on all of BAC's Wood Badge courses for the 21st Century.  Jeane has served on staff at Jamboree 202.  In the summer of 2003, she went on a Philmont Trek with her son.  Both sons are Eagle Scouts.  She has received numerous awards including the District Award of Merit and the Silver Beaver Award.  She is the past Council Activities Chair and currently the Vice President of Membership for BAC.

Dave Wiegand

Troop Guide


Cradle of Texas, Lake Jackson

Troop 328 - Scoutmaster

Been involved in Scouting for about 8 years.  Started helping out in Pack 310 at Bess Brannen Elementary.  From there moved on to Troop 328 at Chapelwood Methodist Church in Lake Jackson as an Assistant Scoutmaster.  Almost immediately moved to Troop Advancement Chairperson.  After a short stint in that position moved to Scoutmaster at the beginning of 2006.  Spent 2 weeks at Philmont this summer with Dave Barker and his best friend Burrito.  I'm a Fox from class SR-795.  Originally from Cleveland, Ohio.  Been in Texas for about 26 years.